Why I am running for re-election

I am excited to build on the momentum of the last seven years and I am eager to advance solutions to the challenges facing our community, finding ways to move forward, together. I feel I am in mid stride and have more to contribute to public life on Salt Spring.

My Platform:

  • To re-affirm my promise, as a Trustee, to adhere to the “preserve and protect” mandate of the Islands Trust.
  • Working with other agencies, support development of an integrated strategic plan for the island with an initial emphasis on Ganges.
  • Facilitate a much needed and overdue OCP review, addressing the realities of climate change including reduction of GHG emissions, need for water storage and management, fire protection and sea level rise.
  • Work with the CRD and Provincial government to provide affordable housing and shelter for the homeless.
  • Respond to the need for farm worker housing by aligning our by-laws with the ALC regulations.
  • Pursue changes to building codes to facilitate and encourage rainwater harvesting and storage, enhanced use of solar power and support of green technologies.
  • Pursue more effective local government, working with local groups, the Islands Trust, CRD, improvement districts and the Provincial Government.
  • Enhance coordination and cooperation among stakeholders and local governance agencies including First Nations, the CRD and Improvement Districts. This will include regular public meetings.
  • Provide transparent and regular feedback to the community as part of a commitment to public accountability.

Other vital community issues which I support:

  • Improved access to mental health support
  • Medical drop-in clinic
  • Zoning for high density/low impact housing (Eco-villages).
  • Community centre for all ages
  • An  integrated SSI governance website
  • A shared space for SSI government  agencies
  • Laundromat in town
  • Improve roads and widen shoulders
  • Deal with traffic congestion, particularly Saturday market traffic
  • Improved trails and integrated pedestrian/cycle paths
  • Food security: encouragement of local farming.
  • Updated regulations for live aboards.
  • Change code to allow for composting toilets
  • Derelict boat removal from shorelines
Protesting with Saltspringers in Victoria

My track record

During my tenure as Trustee, I am proud to have fostered a more positive political climate. We’ve moved from an atmosphere that was often abrasive and confrontational, to one that is largely collaborative and constructive.  I have provided open, transparent, cooperative leadership in land use planning and implementation matters.

Significant projects with which I have been involved included:

  • Implementation of the Riparian Area Regulations as required by the Provincial Government.
  • Completion of a Governance Study
  • The Incorporation study and subsequent referendum
  • Commencement of a plan for Ganges village, starting with the harbour walk
  • Completion of the Industrial lands assessment, identifying needs for industrial lands and possible sites.
  • Implementation of a coordinated plan among responsible agencies for water management on the island (Salt Spring Island Water Preservation Agency)
  • Legalizing suites in some areas as a pilot project. Suites are now legal in over half the island.
  • Legalization of seasonal cottages for full time rental.
  • Rezoning for five  affordable  significant housing projects (some 250 units are in process)
  • Promotion of rainwater catchment and alternate sources of water
  • Groundwater study through SSIWPA
  • Chair of Financial Planning Committee for the Islands Trust. Property taxes increased by only 3% while I have been in office over seven years.
  • Active member of the Salt Spring Alliance and, in particular, the Governance Working Group
Lieutenant governors visit to Fernwood elementary

What I bring to the table

  • Seven years of experience as Trustee
  • Strong financial background as a Chartered Accountant
  • Many years of experience in business, administration, education and human resource management
  • A career as a  mediator and facilitator, specializing in family and business dispute resolution
  • Extensive experience as decision maker through arbitration work
  • A proven ability to work with individuals, groups and the community, facilitating communication, encouraging collaboration and cooperation.
  • A deep love for Salt Spring Island and our community.  I believe Salt Spring is among the few places left on earth where compromise and consensus can prevail, a place where the needs and desires of the community take precedence over the inclinations of any one individual.
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